'MELODY DISCO' - Katowice - 1974

the first real disco in Katowice, 
Silesia region, south of Poland

'Melody' disco console

In the winter of 1973 to 1974 I played in Wisla / Vistula city in the mountains – a few nights in the cafe 'center' and the fire station hall. This fire station was a large room, but terribly dusty. On the floor lay a few millimeters of dust. So the audience - rather haphazard, cheap turist motley. After these events have been me just terribly dusty singles, which have been light gray, almost white in color - dust down grooves in the plate. It was the worst phenomenon that I remember from my entire 40-year career deejayskiej.

Cafe 'center' it was a different world compare to everyday in communist Poland of early ‘70. Customers were: cinkciarstwo (illegal money exchange for profit), expensive whores, rich vegetable traders, private businesses, foreign tourists, and as always and everywhere present undercover / SB political secret Police agents. The restaurant was small, low, and I remember that it was very crowded and hot, a lot of sweat in the air mixed with exquisite perfume sexy ladies dancing and sweating less exquisite scents and horny (the previously mentioned ladies and expensive whores) men.

Event organizer was Andrew Boguslawski from Katowice - after studying piano musician and owner of a special communist administration permit - issued to him for a big bribe (as he drunk - confessed to me in very secret) to organize clubs - issued by the then so-called max corrupt Department of Culture - the City of Katowice. One day person named Czeslaw Gazda found me there in the city Vistula cafe 'center'. He was well earned dough and stuffed with WIA manager (Regional Agency for Artistic Events in Katowice) - former manager know and love when bands ‘Blue & Black’ and ‘ABC’.

'Melody' disco - Katowice

Gazda talked me into opening and spin disco 'melody' in Katowice, the main street of name – ‘3rd of May’, on the premises of a converted pre-war cinema into resteurant and pub after the war. 'Melody' was at that time totally collapsing dancing-dive for local crap alcoholics.

The beginning of my play in the 'Melody' - the early spring of 1974 were tragically-funny. Well, come to my clubs (like the momentum) people out there who are always / already visited the village-wedding crap dancing. I was playing for them and a terrible shock torture. They could not come to terms with the fact that in a very short period of time it will cease to be their premises. They went to me, protested, they threatened, they tried to hit me, and sitting (in this context, and for the occasion) near my console permanently big bouncer / bodyguard - average hourly tripping of a dancing-crap who harrassed deejay out the door - the street.

After a month of playing everyday, such burdensome "stylistic reform" 'melody' began to visit the youth. They understood perfectly what's going on in this new form of entertainment that the early '70s was a disco. I owned a lot of great Soul and R & B singles in the U.S., which were not uncommon, and they did a great impression on my disco socialites. I remember the singles - indeed hold some today as a special souvenir:

Kool & Gang - jungle boogie
War - cisco kid
Stories - Brother louie ...

Even if we played hard blues-rock hits such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Sugraloaf, Joe Cocker, Santana, Cream, Iron Butterfly, Pink Floyd, Vanilla Fudge, etc. - alternating with pop hits: Suzi Quarto, Slade, T. Rex, Creadence Clearwater Revival, Doobie Brothers, Gilbert O'Sulivan, Leo Sayer, Mungo Jerry, Paper Lace, Smokie, Sweet, Steppenwolf, Ram Jam, etc.

I did it so cool (for its time) show a number, something that others do not deejay because either they could not or were lazy, or whatever else. But first things first ... new in the early '70s disco - flashing next to the music were also colored lights strobe lights and UV (ultraviolet), which in the darkness gave great results. UV highlight everything white and appeared to be human skin tight tanned and attractive - while the strobe lights caused the dance moves visible as if two or three times faster than they actually were. Strobe (as we used to say in a nutshell) was then max effect of whom dreamed of all clubs.

I had this 7-inch single with the well-known British label RAK, which sent me a great guy at my profession, English deejay Tony Hadland, namely the recording - 'Dance with the Devil' - made by the eminent, English drummer Cozy Powell. I danced to the music behind the console of this single by 3 and a half minutes in complete darkness, only the UV lamp and stroboscope. My music and the dance movements, consisting mainly fast hands moves and undressing of a special jacket with white big dots and T-shirt with white lettering did (I know this beyond a reasonable doubt - because a lot of people told me that) unearthly socialites impression on my clubs - mainly sticks :-)))) In those days, it was great - SOMETHING ... I was a star for them and God ... somehow stormed to another world ...

In the spring of 1974, playing in the 'Melody' was becoming more and more pleasure. Village-dance clubs audience of the previous era has gone to hell, and the new audience love their deejay and disco :-))))) I watched love to dance, how they play, what they are happy as they seemed to forget about the gray and hideous dun commie-communist world outside. With such prospects before your eyes and music in ears - so I think I was the happiest deejay in the world ... I even had a group of fans, including some beautiful chicks with whom I did not neglect to make friends, and even a lot more than just "friends" :-))))

my 7" records of '70

One of them was so beautiful, sexy and so amazing to look at the well-known dance hits of black artists from the U.S., even planning - how to “shoot” it myself here forever, like a wife ... I was firmly convinced that no longer prettier Doll is in this world and that you can wear with her folks, sire of four or seven kids and stuff dreams. Could not. Sara (that's her name) but then my girlfriend and partner was also taken striptease girl from Katowice, working in Poland and a large (for that time) the money.

Not immediately realized that Sara is striptease girl - but only after a month of our total "close" friends. She told me that one morning after a “hard sex night” in her small apartment rented in the Katowice district - Koszutka.

All in all, even me happy in a specific way, had put the pride that my doll is so beautiful that it is seen as a thick money by others. One of the 10-15 minute show, which undressed for the full cost as much nudity were then (1974) two or three salaries miner - and these performances were in the month from 4 – 8. So, not only she beautiful and dressed in great / beautiful clothes (which was rare in those days) to max rich more - a lot more than me - but as a deejay or if the weight of money earned. It is interesting that although her appearances have been proposed in the disco 'tune' she never agreed - saying that it does not occur in front of her boyfriend - that's me :-)))) and does not occur on the premises where it privately - relax and dance. In addition, she had a gorgeous body and a smiley creator has not begrudged her mind :-)))))

She was so good / excellent in that its striptease shows that one cold and rainy early summer day, she went to some foreign contracts. Projections have to be four or six weeks. She promised to write, keep contact (phone was then a rarity), but something did not work out / went wrong. No never returned to Polish, do not say a word. It seemed very strange and suspicious, given what we've shared for several months. It was very difficult for me to believe in what's happened and put up with this ...

... my lovely beauty - Sarah

I searched for her in my own way, even with the help of the then Police then called in the communist Polnd – “Militia”. It did not work. The only thing I militiamen captured and gave the address of her parents, whom I did not know before. I visited them, of course, but it was a very cold reception in the door to the stairwell, very good neat house on the street name gliwicka, Katowice. I spoke for about two minutes with her mother, who looked at the long-haired, unknown youngster with great caution and reluctance. The only thing she told me that she did not know where Sarah is and that has been several years did not live at home.

After the disappearance of Sarah walked probably about six months like stonned. In other words, I was very sad and broken heart and perceived by a lot of people around me, often asking - what happened (?). I tried to replace her of my memory, deface it were in memory – by sex grown massively with the other - a lovely ‘dolls’ Katowice with a group of my fans, but for a long time could not be this, it might seem, a simple operation to replace / overwrite the image - bring in my young, life.

The remaining memories spent together with Sarah nights and days when it snuggle into each other, we continued, it might seem forever in love hugs and then there are ... very, very hurt me this loss.

After some time, re-visited the parents of Sarah gliwicka street, Katowice. This time the door was opened by her father - an elderly, gray-haired gentleman firmly. When I asked him for my love, which does nothing I could forget - he invited me in and told to sit down and then revealed the truth of the most terrible of all. Sara died in a car accident near Cologne, Germany and was buried in there somewhere as a form of anonymous, unknown or something like that. Polish Police found out about it after about two months from the date of the accident and sent this message to her parents in the summer of 1974. Today it seems strange, but then, during the so-called. "Cold War", the "iron curtain" and the absence of any logical Polish ‘Militia’ cooperation with the German Police it was real.

Sarah's father then went to Germany or West Germany, but before I got what you need and before it was allowed "authorities" to go unless it's been two months. The communist Poland very difficult to get permission for foreign trips! Sarah's father tried in 1974 to find her grave in Cologne to take and carry her daughter to the Poland. Could not. Sara - a beautiful Polish stripper, my girlfriend and my great love of 1974 has always remained somewhere in the German soil ...

Today, when I go near her childhood home on the street gliwicka, Katowice or near the old disco 'Melody' on 3rd of may street in Katowice is always the same – I mean this specifil fall get me beautiful memories and followed them peculiar melancholy and self-flowing tears, stumbling, and a dying under the eyelids.

In the winter of 1974/75 I was still playing in the 'Melody' and it was great, but grow stupid of success (which he secured at the beginning of my playing) disco manager, Czeslaw Gazda listen to those who are digging holes under me and hired me one day co-opted as a deejay Jerzy Grunwald, who lived in Katowice - then a member of the now-defunct pop-rock group ‘No To Co’. Gazda thought as the poster writes that the plates to dance releases of Jerzy Grunwald of ‘No To Co’ the audience will be banging the doors and windows and sap the basement :-)))). None of this ...

I always played first, to disassemble the party, and for me - somewhere around 10pm included a "star" - Disco presenter, deejay Jerzy Grunwald. Grunwald as a disco deejay was a picture of misery and despair. He brought some old, poor Polish records and wanted to entertain the audience at the same time stupid blablabla by his poor sounding voice, a long arguments about music or artists, empty-handed 5-league radio deejay in backward Albania.

I filled it floor immediately emptied, and people made fun of him. I feel sorry for him was because the max is compromised. Gazda I then put a condition that "I have this Grunwald give my records because these are some of his vinyl-trash".

I did not agree, and after a few days Gazda removed him, employing / co-opt me (as a punishment I think) the largest wedding village-crap among deejays - Piotr 'kumys' Kobylecki and Jan Sokolowski of the city name Gliwice. Duet - 'kumys and sokol' - as I called them jokingly, the presenters / deejays were characterized by the fact that the microphone falsifying sing mercilessly and breaking - disturbing – screaming every now and then I hear the music from the records, and preaching the audience again and again clap the hands smack or jump up the feet like stoned kangaroos.

Their play and tricks created new situation - I mean audience / cool young people went away of the disco 'Melody' and replaced them with heavy alcoholics, elderly playboys looking for hookers, to pimps and political secret Police (SB) agents.

These two deejay-crap - 'kumys and Sokol' turned 'melody' in dive - destroying more than my entire annual output, disco style and class. The fact that crap-deejays turned 'melody' in alcoholic dive noticed very quickly the people of SB and immediately removed dumb manager Gazda replacing him as head of disco 'tune' by SB agent. SB was the tactic that the hard sell on the heads of clubs with their agents to spy on customers. I knew these three: the ZPR - 'TipTop Discos' in Ruda Slaska, Tarnowskie Gory and the 'melody' Katowice.

USSR Leonid Brezhnev - DDR Erich Honecker - politician gay kiss :-)))

The SB agent, "manager" Katowice 'Melody' does not have a clue about the discos, but not that there was his role to be familiar with the discos and deejays or disco music. We know what he was doing SB-agent - track "moves" the audience who went there - track down and do their own thing. In the morning I saw him pretending to money changers in Katowice ‘Pewex shop’ - briskly trading in currency and bills ‘Pewex’ and beyond doubt work out illegal currency exchangers and local clientele. Well, in the evening ... In the evening, our SB-agent-star played a different, but very similar in its core role, namely the role of chief disco 'Melody'. This was probably the most "busy" SB-agent in Katowice :-)

One cold and frosty day at the end of 1974 years SB-agent-star and "manager" thanked me for my deejay work. It was not surprising me - after all, this crap-village-style wedding was SB-agents on the way to the end, and like me deejay only disturbed and upset their "customers" with those "Negro" (as I pointed out SB-manager) hits from America. Apparently they did not like it ...

But what the hell. It already was not my 'Melody' longer – not my style, climate, feeling. The dance floor was no longer the beautiful Sarah, who admired her dancing is not one but many – including me. In honor and in memory of Sarah also decided to discontinue it for what I fell in love at the very beginning and was with me, namely ceased my special dance short shows with UV and Strobe lamps with drum recording of Cozy Powell or Rare Earth.

Lots of cool thing, memories gonne with the wind and I need of a clean life reason to move to the next disco, but that's another story ...

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