First National Tournament Presenters (Deejays) Discos


I remember a great impression in 1973, I had on the newspaper advert as Roman Waschko “music is not serious” - announcement of the First National Tournament Presenters (Deejays) Discos. I never thought that in Poland, a country deeply backward and then locked to the commies can do something like that. But ...

I was living in Upper Silesia (after moving from the Sudetenland situated at the foot of the picturesque Dzierżoniów) and worked in the coal mine, which guaranteed avoid conscription. All intelligent young Poles then tried to avoid going to the army and did so for various more or less effective ways.

It is in the Upper Silesia I had guys from the clubs and deejaying: Kazik Jarzabek, Andrzej Matuszek and from Siemianowice Slaskie, Chris Sochowski of Katowice Załęże or Jurek Kinda rich kid from Katowice and then a very elite city disctrict for VIP communists - Brynów.

In my beloved Dzierżoniów or Bielawa where I started my deejay career there were not any deejays or people who would be interested in this. But this, however, there were Bielawa Dzierżoniów and my roots, friends and knowledge - my entire childhood and youth, and therefore there took off for the elimination tournament for the presenters. First, my club, “mother” or Cultural establishments, “Bielawa” from Bielawa, and my mentor and sponsor, Mr. Andrew Janiszewski set me a certificate stating that from April 1970 I was a presenter and play with them, discos and music lectures based on the presentation boards. With this certificate rushed to my home Dzierzoniow - to the District House of Culture to confirm this and send to the Regional Cultural Centre in Wroclaw. The latter institution has organized regional qualifiers, only after the National Tournament.

The chief Dzierżoniów District House of Culture was one Czocher - sot and were Sbek (secret Police) and fierce commie - creature which everything and everyone disturbed. He did not want me to sign and send a notification to the province. He saw it all as a betrayal of communist ideals and decided to lock the case! But I had in that District House of Culture cool and honest guy, who decided to help me and crept (risking huge, considering who was in Czocher s) to his boss seal - while this was (as usual) stoned. Forged his signature and the corporate envelope we sent a notification to Wroclaw. We were assured that commie Czocher never dull it does not fall. After some time, came the invitation to the elimination of the province, the region of Wroclaw, which were to be held in the Municipal House of Culture in Jelenia Góra.

He was very cold in March 1973 when I rode with my heart pounding in these eliminations. Guys from Upper Silesia (Matuszek & Jarząbek) prepared me a tape of music that I present / play in Jelenia Gora. Train with Rudy Silesian where I lived was going to Jelenia Gora 7 hours. I boarded this train at the station Ruda Slaska - Chebzie at 4:00 in the morning. The train was cold, empty and uncomfortable. But I enjoyed views of the window. Southern mountains, small and picturesque village and its railway ignition. Although fascinated by life in Upper Silesia, however, missed Dzierzoniow, where I spent the whole of your life - a life which, despite many bad moments I really enjoyed it.

Finally, just after the afternoon arrived in Jelenia Gora. For the 17.00 he was appointed to the eliminations I had a lot of time, but in those years in cities such as Jelenia Gora, there was nothing to do. Walking the streets watching the shop windows where there was almost nothing. I looked also to the local milk / food bar for a cheap but hearty meal. Finally I decided to find the Municipal Cultural Centre. It turned out that a few minutes walk from the market on the outskirts of the city in a palace seized from the owner after the war. The House of Culture was already a nice crowd of guests or presenters / deejays with their partners, journalists, activists, spies from the SB. Presenters / deejays and some who just wanted them to be played all sorts of music and made the bizarre presentation. He was the guy who played operatic arias and talking about them (rather read the cards) after about 15 minutes for each. He was also the guy who played the Soviet military marches, and the second such that it only played the hits of the Beatles ..

Nobody back then so to the end he did not know what it takes to be the disco and the presenter / deejay. More or less imitated radio programs and radio discjockeyów because it was the only thing we associate with playing music from tapes. After midnight, ended qualifying and qualifying committee set to work. Around 1.00 in the smoky room the night of greasy gentleman came out and stammering and przejęzyczając (instead Pawul Pawel said, Bitelasów instead Bitlesów, etc.) began to publish the results - the names of the winners of elimination. Among mentioned surnames fell also my. The Commission strongly indicated that guy from the Beatles and the second of operatic arias is very good and mature presenters / deejays, and I’m going to heel, because I was playing without leading idea which is only stuff, songs to dance and it was too pro-Western and American and committee clearly lacking in all this good Polish hit. One played the hits I remember particularly hard (because it was sensational) - ‘scoripio’ - Dennis Coffey. Other hits that have played a ‘black night’ - Deep Purple, ‘ramble on’ - Led Zeppelin, ‘get ready’ - Rare Earth, ‘Down on the Corner’ - Creadence Clearwater Revival, ‘green eyed lady - Sugarloaf,’ we’re an American Band “- Grand Funk Railroad, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ - Lynyrd Skynyrd, ‘Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix,’ born to be wild” - Steppenwolf, ‘all right now’ - Free. Such was then the music for dancing.

Qualifying ended around 2.00 at night and there remained nothing else but to go way back to the train station Jeleniogórski. I only train in the morning, so kroiło to several hours sitting on the cold station. Nothing is - I was happy that I have behind these tragicomic eliminations and that went on ... I believed that the tournament will be different and better. Cold station did not impress me. I sat on a wooden bench, closed my eyes and dreamed. I had a hot head of the dream - I dreamed a good performance, arranging the text of the announcement to the recordings, I dreamed about winning, about fame, cash and a dozen beautiful grove. I was 21 years old and I had such dreams.

In October 1973, nearly half a hundred Polish followed presenters / deejays from different cities and towns to Wroclaw. All of the hopes for success and a piece of normality, to progress in career and stuff. The first National Tournament was held Presenters disco in the small and cramped, the seat replacement student club ‘Mansion House’ - near the market. The main organizer Francis Walicki, Polish rock guru, sat between the meeting and read a list of participants in the tournament while handing passes to the club, the hotel and on the student cafeteria. Then informed of all - the rules of the tournament. The principle that almost knocked me on my knees is that events do not play the audio tape of the original discs only. Few people in those days had foreign plates. We played almost all of the audio tapes of the so-called. ‘Reel’. Therefore I had a problem. In two days my performance in qualifying to the finals, and I had only a single disc with shame busily retractable reel tape that was recorded on the license Grundig tape recorder by my guy and deejay Silesian Andrew Matuszek. The bigger problem was that I did not know anyone in this crowd of presenters, and besides, they were all competitors for you.

That first evening was the only organization (the tournament was to last all week). After this first meeting we went cold in the tram around the Olympic Stadium in Wroclaw - are built by people of Hitler to the Olympics, you fascist dolt planned for 1936. Inherited from the Germans at the stadium there were many buildings - including the Olympic Hotel. His standard may have been fine and dandy for the year 1936, but not for the year 1973. Shared rooms, and showers, WC collective – simply old German culture. Overall, it was all in a deplorable state, cold and broken. Nothing is - I had other worries. Find the presenters of the boards, make friends with them and borrow discs to play my first tournament block. From the first day of friendship with two guys who were open, friendly and just as talkative as me (the real feature presenters / discjockeys). They were Darek Śmietański from Warsaw and Ryszard Mazur of Bydgoszcz. There was no need too much time to enucleate them my problem and ask if help. They helped without a problem. Of course, at once showed the board that I can get, and never in my life where I do not get, because they will play with them. For me it was like the proverbial “grasping the feet of the Lord God.” Each plate was lent to me a treasure not to be underestimated. That day I fell asleep with a broad smile on his face, his head again, I was hot from the dream.

The next day me and my new guys Darek and Rysiek - we went to the center of Wroclaw for breakfast in the student cafeteria and on the sample at the club. We had a couple of pennies in his pocket and carefully counted dimes what to buy enough for as long as possible. But guys were so poor that they finished off with cash after two days. There was therefore no choice but to discard them to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner, which meant that my cash holdings and my new guys ran around

Thursday - and the end of the event announced on Saturday. In the meantime, have yet to meet a good friend of Bielawa and Dzierżoniów Jorgos Skolias capable vocalist Dzierżoniów blues-rock band - later a well-known and highly respected jazz vocalist. Jorgos frequented often in Wrocław then trying to make a “career” in the student bands. But then the poor man was the same as all of us. I remember at lunch and he bought himself a piece of sausage and the bun in the booth with a beer - a beer now I could not afford. On the shelf next to the booth became free mustard and tomato paste. Putting a puree of mustard and what does not measure and we laughed that all this time we should have enough to feed to the next meal, the next day. The next day, however, was no longer Jorgos. Maybe he got / came back home? He appeared, however, my buddy Andrew Matuszek from Silesia. I got him so official entry to the club as that tournament, each participant had the right to enter, along with a companion. In return, Andy lent me some money because at the time of his “secret” it put up businesses in the row of young people who always carry a few pennies. The ticket office on the cheap in the student canteen “żarełko / food” was extremely important that you did not pass out in exhaustion - well, because if you starve?

Then came the day of my show. Trying to console Dynacord limited to the console view and listen to instructions of its owner. I was afraid of that, because never I have not played anything like that. Before me were playing guys that I knew already and Chris Sochowski Jurek Kindla representing Silesia as a duo and presenters / deejays of the program near the Beatles known me from the elimination of Jelenia Gora. Also remember that day Maciek Dobrski from Warsaw, who has entered into a small, cramped and crowded club on the Harley. This interrupted the continuity of events for a few minutes before the Harley fired, drove and done now smell what no end.

Finally, read out my name. I was specially dressed and ready for action. The first record we played was a single O’Jays - ‘back stabbers’ - then I do not remember - I was like in a trance. I was such a style that moving quite vigorously to the music quickly changed my clothes on during the show that elicited applause from the audience notch. After I performed the people of Warsaw and Jacek Olechowski, Eddie and the mighty men in the seaside Wlodek Preys and Benek Patocki. I remember Eddie behaved similarly to console me - only that he was still humming, and I’ve never done this. Olechowski played fairly syntax and also because I remember him. Besides, it was a buddy, who jumped on the console and the first congratulated me yet the show during its lifetime - which was a good / interesting part of the total entertainment and provoked the audience applause.

Wlodek and Benek played primarily beautiful album - the then dream of every presenter.
I remember two of them: ‘Cisco Kid’ - War and “Jungle Boogie” - Kool & Gang. Benek played quietly and concentrate on the music played. Wlodek while dressed up like me in different outfits so much that his clothes were much more expensive and better. I remember for example, started as an American soldier helmet (where it is dug deep during communism?) On the occasion as a commentary on the recording said something against the turned nasty in those days the U.S. war in Vietnam.

Impressed me as my tournament appearances guys Darek Śmietański and Ryszard Mazur. The next day the head of the tournament in the company of Francis Walicki – Jury Boss: Mark Gaszynski, Peter Kaczkowski, Wojciech Cejrowski of PSJ (Polish Jazz Association) have announced who got to the finals. Wyczytywali names: Preys, Patocki, Olechowski, Eddie, Śmietański, Mazur, Pawul - and at that point I think the pulse jumped to 200! My God - that I am a poor boy from Dzierzoniow and Silesia, which was allowed to occur by the grace of the tournament despite the fact that “I was playing without leading ideas which only hits for dancing and it was too pro-Western and American hits and no Polish” - boy starved, frozen , tired, incorrigible dreamer - now together with the best deejays in Poland - WOW!

Walicki further did read names, but I have not heard anything because I ran amok / amuck in some overpowering. I stood before the eyes of my beginnings, taken in the pain of difficult decisions, disputes with my mother about my future, night listening Radio Luxemburg, read everything was only available with a modern. Finally, the music of thought and practice hours. It worked - I am among the best!

Walicki finished read names and sixteen finalists invited to the cellar of a club to chat and discuss all performances. This cellar was small and cramped office manager of the club ‘Mansion’. We sat where we could, and in front of us, they - and the specs of an expert jury. And then it started. Professionals taught us what was good and what is wrong. Each strapped a patch. Walicki said to me, “I played good, live and interesting + is a cross-dressing, and my movements to the music and that it made a positive impression of all, BUT (!) - Comments, style of speaking into the microphone is too conformed to discjockeys from Radio Luxemburg, and that I want to continue to be a presenter / deejay, and can gain wider recognition in the country that I have to necessarily change. “

Jesus (!) - More nonsense in 1973 to a young Polish deejays could no longer say. Then Walicki lost in my eyes all his authority. Then it was just worse and worse ...

Well, to whom I would be like if the best model of what they were, which gives her great programs on medium wave 208 Radio Luxembourg deejay. Almost in awe when I heard them at night. I have learned from the English style and rapid manner of speaking, accent and mixing text and music. My guru deejay profession were and still are to this day, Alan Freeman, Tony Prince, Emperor Rosko, Jimmy Savile, Tony Blackburn, Dave Cash, Peter Powell, Barry Alldis, Mike Hollis, Rob Jones, Benny Brown, Stuart Henry, Paul Burnett, Mark Wesley, Dave Christian, Bob Stewart, Dave ‘Kid’ Jensen, Tony Hadland.

And who had imitated, regarded as a model as the best in the world not?

* Walicki can - God forgive accidental deejay, who has not walked in rock music this is a new profession przenicował

* Or other incidental and not by any means suitable for this profession: Jerzy Kosela, his girlfriend deejay of Jana Kras or Karewicz, Photographer?

* May be lying, which mercilessly lisped?

* Waschko, which seemed to me only as a dealer plates swindled of foreign record companies (I have this written evidence (!) - When attacked in the press for the same thing the other - in order to eliminate competition?

* Dariusz Michalski - lingerer incorrect or harp / harperer Szewczyk?

* Kaczkowski, which was imitated to the maximum and the best in Poland from Radio Luxembourg?

Well whom I had regarded as an authority and a role model? In Poland, there were no deejays - we were the first!

Of course I said no then in October 1973 or nonsense word for Walicki because I had hoped to occupy a good place after the final show.

The representatives of the tournament dropped out of Upper Silesia and Chris Sochowski and Jurek Kindla. I asked them so craftily and cunningly borrowed or not I good to play singles for the final show - when in fact the only presenter I am now living in Upper Silesia, which was in the final. Sochowski blabla something and twisting, but Kindla eagerly opened the trunk of the singles with the words - “choose ...”

This openness and good disposition Jurek then let our longer and closer friendship and professional collaboration. Therefore I chose the 6-7 singles, played and waited for the final results.

On Saturday morning, my girlfriend came from Bielawa, which he called the Czech milaczek-Krysiaczek. As I saw her at the station getting off the bus that rolled over, with almost the experience. The appearance was kickass to the max. Not only that owned a crazy figure that’s dressed for the day in an extremely tight, clever and sexy clothes. Her mini showing beautifully shaped thighs caused quite a stir around. Mini covered only and just exactly what had to cover in a public place, and everything else shine, beat sexy - offending some or magnetically attracting the gaze of others. First (and without a clear case scam) dashed to the hotel for solid (!) Woohoo. All the sexy clothes dropped from Krysiak in the cosmic speed. I was well horny - I stuck out my dick “elvis” hard as Breslau – spire.

Unless lasted 4 hours. Inevitably, however, the time has come where we had to end woohoo because “elvis” was swollen and sore, and even Krysiaczka could not endure any more. Always been like that when I met her - we loved to the max and go. From the first of our once loved this girl. She was just created and to this ideal. I have always been able to ignite his clever tricks to red, and her sexy moves and a very erotic behavior drove me almost to madness.

After a successful ‘sexi-session’ (as they called our meetings after long periods of vision is not), we were both hungry to the max. We went for lunch so the students and to the club for the evening end of the tournament. Wroclaw streets in March 1973 were, as all the streets in Poland, gray and boring. Krysiaczek done on such a background electrifying impression. It was colorful, well-dressed and super sexy! Proud I was walking near the beauty and knowing that this is my beauty.

Three hours before the event, at the entrance to the club was already a huge crowd. With barely pierced through the human mass with significant help goalkeepers, who shouted from afar - “a place for the best presenter / deejay!”. They knew perfectly played their sets and I am now the sole representative of the province and the city of Wroclaw in Wroclaw.

At the entrance stopped me yet juror Wojciech Cejrowski of PSJ. He introduced me to his colleague from Germany and strongly requested to submit a “beautiful lady who is with me.” Cejrowski and his colleague congratulated me talent, skills and a high level. Comforted not to take to himself the words Walicki, which from the similarity of my style to Radio Luxemburg discjockeyów did me plea. “Frank always farts,” he said Cejrowski - “He’s just jealous and little not reformed”. Gentlemen took my address assuring me that I’m so good that (for their cause) I go on tour soon after the discos of Europe starting with Germany. Someone next to me asked for an autograph. For a moment I felt like a real star. Cool feeling!

Membership of the evening was filled to capacity. Lacked seats, nay even to stand,
and the dancing was not free speech. It seemed even that lacks air to breathe.
My sexy Krysiaczka had to sit on my lap, and began to rage again “elvis”.

Walicki began read presenters / deejay names who have won three first place awards. Wlodek Preys won, second was Benek Patocki and the third Jacek Olechowski. I said (as I later told a jury member Wojciech Cejrowski) were classified into 4 spot. There were arguments in the jury who will be the third or Olechowski me. Voted but my supporters and I fell off the first three. The winners took away awards and congratulations, and Walicki read on the names of finalists who took away certificates and consolation prizes. When he had read my name - not got up and went to the scene - I ignored it. Walicki saw it because I was sitting near the stage. He looked at me astonished for a moment and then continued to the next read names.

Then the winners play their demo sets and presenters slowly began to pack up and leave. I spent last night in the hotel alone with Krysiak as that all the presenters have left my room.

The next morning, escorted Krysiak for the bus. It was very hard for us to part - we both had wet eyes. We loved the unearthly fury just love!

When the bus disappeared in the distance - I went back to the guys from Silesia, with whom we had an evening train home. The train had to go to the conductor and ask him to prison wrote me a ticket because I had no money to return. It was very degrading. The conductor threatened to blow me that at the next station. In the end he be persuaded and left me on the train.

When I arrived home I remember only that I ate a plate of savory cabbage, meat and rice stuffed cabbage cooked by my mom and went to sleep. I slept two and a half days, and my mom just checked and troubled breathing. It seemed to her worrying that so long and deep sleep.

Well, yes, but the mother did not know by what I experienced this last week. For a long time it seemed to me that these were the best days of my life.

2008 with son Norman

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